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Three Amigos is by far one of the best Mexican restaurants in the entire state of Connecticut. I would drive an hour to get their food. It’s authentic, and delicious. And don’t pass up a chance to buy one of their bottles of Pepsi. There is something so different about Mexican Pepsi. Delicious.

-Dennis S.


The food & quality is amazing, all fresh and absolutely love the flavors. The nachos you can taste the freshness and made same day. If you never had fresh tacos and nachos you need to try this place. If you are used to Taco Bell don’t come here looking for cheap tacos. I can tell by the quality they have 0 artificial ingredients. I love this place my favorite Mexican restaurant.

-Maximalee G.


Love this place!! Probably the best taqueria in town! I love how everything is fresh, and made to order. The burritos are huge and filling, and the tacos are absolutely amazing!! I love the fish tacos here, in all honesty I haven't had fish tacos this good since I was last on the west coast. If I could give 10 stars I would.

-Jimmie W.


This place is amazing 🤩 the Brilla tacos are absolutely delicious. The Mexican food at three amigos are at another level. You really could taste the authenticity of the Mexican culture in their food. Best of the best, I’m definitely a repeat customer!!

-Danny D.